2. Books and Articles

The following articles can be found by clicking on the blue title of the article, which will take you to a website which has the article. You can read the article there, and download it from there.

Historical Sketches HAYDEN, JABEZ HASKELL, Windsor Locks Journal, 1900. Windsor Locks: 116, XV

Excellent article on early history of Windsor Locks.

Windsor Locks: From the Memorial History of Hartford County, CT, BY Jabez H Hayden, Esq. Edited by J Hammond Trumbull, LL.D, Published by Edward. L. Osgood, 1886.

"Windsor Locks Canal (Images of America)" - by Maria Giannuzzi (Arcadia) 2007. Amazon.com says of the author: "Maria Giannuzzi has compiled Windsor Locks Canal not only to document the canal's role in the economic, technological, and cultural history of the Connecticut River Valley, but also to recognize the ecological and recreational promise it has in the 21st century. She is a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, the Windsor Locks Historical Society, and the Windsor Locks Preservation Association."

Great American (Railroad) Stations: Windsor Locks, CT (WNL), This is a writeup on the "Great American Stations" website for American Train Stations. However, very little of the writeup is about the train station. Almost all of it is about the earliest history of the area, and then it goes into the canal, the train and their effect on business. It is an EXCELLENT article.

Windsor Locks Train Station - Our History, Windsor Locks EIDC.

"Enfield Falls Canal" , nice article on the canal in Wikipedia.

"The Bridge Street Bridge", short article on the bridge in Wikipedia.

165 Years of Water Power, by Mary Zurolo, October 30, 1994, Hartford Courant

Library of Congress: Prints and Photographs Reading Room - Online. Search for "Windsor Locks"

Abandoned Wonders

"The Plow, the Loom and the Hearth - Volume 8" contains information on three of the mills along the canal. Click on the title, and it will take you to a Google Books page which lets you read the book. It also lets you do searches on the book. Type "Windsor Locks" in the search box and it will take you to the information on those three mills.

Wikipedia article on Windsor Locks Good general article on Windsor Locks

Interesting Facts about Windsor Locks is an article written by Howard White in 1993.

Interesting Buildings of Windsor Locks, Website with good photos

History Lessons: Bradley Field:The Events Leading Up To The Selection of Windsor Locks As The Site Of An Army Air Corps Air Base

First Christmas Tree in Windsor Locks, Connecticut Jacqueline T. Lynch, 2012

The Education of Ella Grasso, Jon E. Purmont

Abandoned Building (Montgomery building)

"Cabbages and Kings" was a weekly interview column in the Windsor Locks Journal, written by Jack Redmond. It is very helpful for writing articles of history of Windsor Locks.


Men of Progress is a very useful book containing biographical sketches and portraits of leaders in business and professional live in the state of Connecticut. It was compiled under the supervision of Richard Herndon, and edited by Richard Burton. It was published in Boston under the auspices of New England Magazine in 1898. By clicking on the blue title of the book, you will go to the website which has the book. You can download the entire book from that website. It is a massive book, which has biographical sketches and portraits of seven men from Windsor Locks who were in their careers when the book was written in 1898. The men were: John Coates, Charles Elmer Chaffee, Dr. Joseph A. Coogan, Charles Dexter Allen, William Edward Webb, Herbert R. Coffin, and Samuel E. Elmore.

Windsor Locks (Images of America) by Leslie Matthews Stansfield (2003) is really available only in hardback. It can be bought at Amazon and Ebay most of the time. However, if you click on the blue title of the book here, You will get to Google Books website for the book, and you can see much of the book. You can scan through that and determine whether you want to buy a hardcopy of the book. It contains many old and very interesting photographs of early Windsor Locks, but many of the photos only have a title or a short paragraph to describe them. I would describe the book more as a nice set of old photographs with short descriptions than a "history book". It does not contain a long cohesive story. While it is not what you would expect from a real history book, it is very helpful to a historian who is trying to collect photos, and to get hints on what he or she should research.

Connecticut: A Bibliography of Its History. Volume Six of Bibliographies of New England History, Prepared by the COMMITTEE FOR A NEW ENGLAND BIBLIOGRAPHY, JOHN BORDEX ARMSTRONG, Chairman and Series Editor, Boston University, UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND, Hanover and London, 1986

This is a massive bibliography of history references for the entire state of Connecticut. It contains 18 which are specific to Windsor Locks. Those are listed out on this website in the Books section under Hardcopy. That is all that most people from Windsor Locks would be interested in. However, a serious historian might like their own full copy of the entire book.

STILES, HENRY REED. The history and genealogies of ancient Windsor, Connecticut; including East Windsor, South Windsor, Bloomfield, Windsor Locks, and Ellington....(1859) Hartford: Pr. of Case, Lockwood i. Brainard, 1891-1892. 2v. Ct, CtNhHi. + Reprinted 1974. See also Supplement (1863)