C. On-line

This page contains Windsor Locks history books, articles, videos, and maps, which are on-line and downloadable for free.

Please note that not all articles on the web can be downloaded. For example, there are more than a dozen articles on the Windsor Locks Historical Society Website (WLHS), which cannot be downloaded. I wanted to read those articles, but found that they were difficult to find on that website. After finding them, I made a list of them, which you will find under section D of this website. That list is an index to those articles. You can look at the list, determine which of the articles you want to read, and click on that article. That will take you to the article. The WLHS website could use an "Index" feature like that, but they are planning to switch to a website with a different type of architecture, which will allow the use of an index.

Please go to the WLHS website at:


and try to find those articles. Then go to Section D of this website, and see the index, which lists the articles, and click on any one you want. You will see how useful it is to use an index feature, which is the basis for all libraries, whether they are "brick an mortar" or online.