Last year, I started writing articles on the history of Windsor Locks, which was the town I grew up in, and lived in for almost 20 years. I have now written over a dozen such articles and have enjoyed it immensely. I learned to research and write history articles back in college. Finally I got to give it a try. My goal in putting together this website is to organize the books and papers that I have found on the History of Windsor Locks, and make all of that available to anyone who might like to use it. That would include:

- people who live there or have lived there and want to read about its history.

- students in Windsor Locks schools who are doing research on Windsor Locks history, and would like to find helpful material quickly.

- Windsor Locks historians.

- the Windsor Locks Historical Society.

Many of the articles on this website can be downloaded. They are in a blue-purple color. The ones which cannot be downloaded are in black. There is no cost for downloading any of the articles on this website.

I have organized this website into six sections:

A. Mel Montemerlo's articles for the Windsor Locks Journal

- these articles are short (less than 600 words) and have up to four photographs. They can be downloaded.

B. Mel Montemerlo's traditional articles on Windsor Locks history.

- these articles are from 5 to 40 pages long, and are have many old photographs. They can be downloaded You can easily copy any of the photographs in these articles and save them or print them for your own use.

C. On-line - lists other articles, books, maps and videos that you can download.

D. Hardcopy - which lists articles and books which you have to either buy or find at a library

E. Articles on the Windsor Locks Historical Society website. This page lists those articles. By clicking on an article, it will take you to the Historical

Society website, where you can read it.

F. a list of useful websites for researching, writing or reading Windsor Locks history

I hope you find this website useful.

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