F. The best websites

Without a doubt, the best website for researching Windsor Locks history is your browser. I use Google's Chrome browser. There is nothing like a browser for getting answers to questions. It is more flexible than any other method. It works more often than any other method. When it fails, I use specialized search engines.

I would like to be able to search Windsor Locks Journals on my browser, but Windsor Locks has not yet seen fit to spend the $10,000 to make that happen. So, I use a specialized search engine that lets me search Springfield, MA newspapers back to the year 1800. Those newspapers have or had a daily column for each of the surrounding towns, such as Windsor Locks. It costs me a few dollars a month but I couldn't have have researched the articles I wrote without it. I use GenealogyBank.com. It is a genealogy website, but the only feature that I use is their newspaper search engine.

The best website for finding photos of old Windsor Locks, and lots of other relevant material, is the website of Jerry Dougherty. The work that he has done to put those photos in one place is a boon to history researchers. I have used it more than any other site, and I have become friends with Jerry. Because of its size, it is difficult to navigate, but after you use it a few times, you figure it out. Three cheers for Jerry and his FOTKI website. Here is his site. Go visit it and have fun.


If you live in Windsor Locks, you have access to the Windsor Locks Public Library, which is a great place to do history research on Windsor Locks. Since books on Windsor Locks are not likely to be at any other library in the US, if you live away from WIndsor Locks, you might just want to buy a copy of each of about five good books on the subject. You can get them on Amazon or EBay.



Another website is that of the Connecticut Historical Society. Visit it at:


There are two pages on Facebook that are very helpful. One is called "You know you are from Windsor Locks when". It is a general purpose website for those interested in Windsor Locks, but if you post a history question or photo there, you will get more feedback than at any other website. You can go there at:


The Windsor Locks Historical Society also has a page on Facebook, You have to join. You can find it at:


The home website of the Windsor Locks Historical Society is at:


Another website which can be very helpful when looking up information about past citizens of Windsor Locks is Ancestry.com, which is the big website for people who do family tree research. I have found it to be the best site available to look up their census information and family trees. You can also sometimes get photos of them and their obituaries. Unfortunately, the site is very expensive.

I have given you my experience with using various websites to do history research using the web. Your experience may be different than mine. Certainly, doing it using the web is far more efficient and effective than the old way of just going to the library. Of course, you http://www.windsorlockslibrary.org/have to go to the library too, until the libraries are digitized.

Meanwhile, use the Windsor Locks Public Library. The folks there are very helpful. Their website is:


Have fun. Look up some articles and books on Windsor Locks history. If you get the urge, write an article about it.