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The books on this page are not available to be read or to be downloaded from the Internet. They can only be gotten from bookstores or libraries. You can always try Amazon.com or Ebay.com.

A Brief Account of the Windsor Locks Canal, by Edward Lanati, 1976.

Final Report: Historical Documentation: River Canal Center Feasibility Study and Master Plan: Windsor Locks Canal Heritage State Park, by Raber, Michael, S. and Malone, Patrick M., Prepared for: Bureau of Parks and Forests, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. September 1991. (This is the most detailed and best written report on the history of the canal and the factories along the canal. It is extremely long and detailed, so it is not for everybody. However, for the serious student of Windsor Locks history, this is a really valuable source.

The Story of Windsor Locks 1663-1976 (1976) This is a "Bicentennial Booklet". It was written on the Bicentennial of the American Revolution, for the celebration that occurred in Windsor Locks. The book does not list the authors, but says it was a group effort. It begins by saying that it presents some of the pictorial highlights in the growth and development of our community and includes a historical sketch which updates "The Story of Windsor Locks" which was published in 1954. The booklet is somewhat similar to Windsor Locks: Images of America" in that is presents a large number of photographs, each having a phrase for a caption. However, it also has much more prose than that book has. It does suffer from the problem of not presenting sources for its information.

"The Story of Windsor Locks" (1663-1954) Written by "the Historical Subcommittee of the Windsor Locks Cntennial Committee". Note that there were 28 people on that subcommittee, so it is impossible to say who wrote what. There are 101 numbered pages followed by 21 unnumbered pages. This could only have been written by a committee. There is no bibliography or list of references or sources at the end of the book, and there are no footnotes in the text, so whoever the authors were, they did not provide any information on where they got their information. So if this book were submitted to a college level history teacher for purposes of getting a grade, it would fail. It does not follow the accepted practices of publishing good history research. However, it does provide information (not verifiable) on industries, organizations, buildings and people of Windsor Locks. Also, the style of writing is very easy and enjoyable to read.

"Windsor Locks (Images of America)", by Leslie Matthews Stansfield (Arcadia) 2003. This book contains many old and very interesting photographs of early Windsor Locks, but many of the photos only have a title or a short paragraph to describe them. I would describe the book more as a nice set of old photographs with short descriptions than a "history book". It does not contain a long cohesive story. While it is not what you would expect from a real history book, it is very helpful to a historian who is trying to collect photos, and to get hints on what he or she should research.

"Windsor Locks Canal (Images of America" - by Maria Giannuzzi (Arcadia) 2007. Amazon.com says of the author: "Maria Giannuzzi has compiled Windsor Locks Canal not only to document the canal's role in the economic, technological, and cultural history of the Connecticut River Valley, but also to recognize the ecological and recreational promise it has in the 21st century. She is a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, the Windsor Locks Historical Society, and the Windsor Locks Preservation Association."

"Bradley Field: The First 25 Years" (2002), by Thomas C. Palshaw. This is a long, 92 page, book on the history of Bradley Field. It is available at the Bradley Air Museum and sometimes on Amazon.com. It is a highly detailed history of the military airfield that preceded the modern civilian Bradley Field, and of Bradley Field. It covers the period from the 1940s to the 1960s, and has a postscript of a few pages which mention the 1970s and 1980s. It was painstakingly researched and provides immense detail on the military airfield and the changes in which military groups were there at which times, and what types of aircraft they had. In short, it is a book for someone who really wants to go into detail on the history of Bradley Field. I would not recommend it for someone who is casually interested in the history of Windsor Locks.

"A new history of old Windsor, Connecticut", by Daniel Howard Windsor Locks: Journal Pr., 1935.

"Families of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut", Consisting of Volume II of the History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor,… (March 10, 2014) by Henry R. Stiles. Amazon.com says: "Dr. Stiles was a devotee antiquarian of WIndsor and Wethersfield, Connecticut, two of the original three river towns of the Connecticut Colony. The doctor compiled a massive two volume work on each of these towns totaling upwards of 2,000 pages apiece. In the interests of economy, we have opted to repring the family history volume from each set.---The History of the Church of Saint Mary (1954) - I could find to reference to this book on the internet, including EBay and Amazon.

"Ella Grasso: Connecticut's Pioneering Governor, by Jon E. Purmont, Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2012

"Ella: A Biography of Governor Grasso". by Susan Bysiewicz, Old Saybrook, CT: Peregrine Press, 1984.

"Carney: The Remarkable Life of Ettore F. Carneglia, M.D.", by Philip Devlin, 2013, ISBN 0615863256, 9780615863252


The following book is phenomenal. It lists thousands of historical references for the state of Connecticut. It lists 18 for the town of Windsor Locks. By clicking on the following blue title, you can go to the website that has this bibliography, where you can download it.

Connecticut: A Bibliography of Its History. Volume Six of Bibliographies of New England History, Prepared by the COMMITTEE FOR A NEW ENGLAND BIBLIOGRAPHY, JOHN BORDEX ARMSTRONG, Chairman and Series Editor, Boston University, UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND, Hanover and London, 1986

Here are the 18 references it gives for Windsor Locks.

HAYDEN, JABEZ HASKELL, Historical sketches. Windsor Locks Journal, 1900. Windsor Locks: 116, XV

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HAYDEN, JABEZ HASKELL. Historical address delivered before the Congregational Church of Windsor Locks, Conn., July 30, 1876; to which notes are appended. Hartford: Pr. of Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1880. 64p. CtHi. + Cover title: Windsor Locks: its early settlers and their successors; their social, civil, and religious life….

JACKSON, ROBERT F., "Windsor Locks: an example of the growth of a rural hamlet into a highly industrialized community in one hundred years." Connecticut Circle, 17 (May 1954), 27, 29-30, 33.

LANATI, EDWARD E. A brief account of the Windsor Locks Canal. Bicentennial project, 1776-1976. n.p., [1976?]. lOp. CtHi. 9678

LYDICK, MICHAEL. "Bradley Field—from neighborhood field to international airport." SwMag (June 1982), 4-5, 16, 18; (July 1982), 9, 30. The first installment of this series, not found, appeared in the May 1982 issue of the magazine.

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STOECKEL, ROBERT J. Connecticut's first Christmas tree. Windsor Locks: Windsor Locks Historical Society, 1982. [6]p. CtHi. Attributed to Hendrick Rodemore of Windsor Locks, a former Hessian soldier in the American Revolution. Reprinted from Hartford Courant Magazine (Dec. 15, 1955).

SUFFIELD, CONN. SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH. Centennial celebration, 1805-1905, Second Baptist Church, Suffield, Connecticut. May twentieth - twenty-second, nineteen hundred and five. Windsor Locks: Journal Job Print, [1905]. a5p. Ct. + Includes historical sketch.

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN. The Story of Windsor Locks (1954) n.p., 1976. [I18]p. CtWl.

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN, A tribute. [Windsor Locks: Journal Pr.,] n.d. [38]p. Ct. Includes biographical sketches of local men who died in the two world wars.

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Manual of the Congregational Church in Windsor Locks, Conn. Hartford: Pr. of Case, Tiffany, 1854. 24p. CtHi. Includes historical sketch.

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Manual of the Congregational Church, Windsor Locks, Conn.: containing the articles of faith and covenant, standing rules, catalogue, benevolent contributions, and matters connected with the finances of the society. To which is added an historical address, by Jabez H. Hayden. Hartford: Pr. of Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1880. 68p. Ct. +

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN. GRACE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Year book and church directory of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Windsor Locks, Conn. 1931. n.p., [1931?]. [20]p. Ct. Includes historical sketch.

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONN. ST. MARY'S CHURCH. The history of the Church of Saint Mary, Windsor Locks, Connecticut. [Windsor Locks: Journal Pr., 1954.] [44]p. CtHi.

WINDSOR LOCKS HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Noden Reed Park, Windsor Locks Historical Society, Inc., 58 West Street, Windsor Locks, Connecticut. n.p., 1978. lip. CtGraHi. Owned by the society.


The following are available at the WIndsor Locks Public Library.

REF 378.763 PAL Bradley Field: the first 25 years, Thomas C. Palshaw, 1998

REF 796.357 KER Baseball in WIndsor Locks: complied on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the town. Kervick, Christopher

REF 927.46 CON Connecticut biographical dictionary. 2000


REF 974.04 ALL A Wind to shake the world: the story of the 1938 hurricane, Everett S. Allen, 1976

REF 974.6 CRO V.1 Guide to the history and the historic sites of Connecticut, Florence S. Marcy Crofut, 1937

REF 974.6 DANYLUK Behold, there came wise (wo)man 2003

REF 974.6 GIA WIndsor Locks Canal, Maria Giannuzzi, 2007

REF 974.6 LAN A brief account of the WIndsor Locks Canal, Edward E. Lanati

REF 974.6 STA Windsor Locks, Leslie Matthews Stansfield, 2003

REF 974.62 DAN An Afternoon with Leo Montemerlo: life long resident, 2004

REF 974.62 DANYLUK A morning visit with Angie Ferrari Baron

REF 974.62 DANYLUK Woiko, distinguished laborer.

REF 974.62 DANYLUK O.K., here it is… The official centennial song sung by Veronica Rachel

REF 974.62 DANYLUK On this day in WIndsor Locks history 2003

REF 974.62 DANYLUK Ode to the WIndsor Locks Journal 2004

REF 974.62 DANYLUK “I went to Union School: a Reminiscence” 2004

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REF 974.69045 SCH Tornado disaster in two communities: a public administration perspective, Charles Barry Schepart 1984

REF B GRASSO Ella: a biography of Governor Ella Grasso, Susan Bysiewicz 1984.

REF B GRASSO Ella Tambussi Grasso: from daughter of emigrants to first woman Governor of an American state, Marcella Serpa

Bound copies of the Windsor Locks Journal from 1983 -2002.

Cabbages and Kings collection, Jack Redmond’s interview column that was in the Windsor Locks Journal

Windsor Locks High School Yearbooks from 1939 are available.